HPC On-Demand

HPC On-Demand
Flexible Computing Resources

Sabalcore’s HPC On-Demand service puts high performance computational power at your command. Use our services to manage quick turn-around jobs, handle out-of-the-ordinary computational projects and gain a strategic resource.

HPC On-Demand

Pay for what you need

Data is isolated

Complete control

Anytime, Anywhere
Powerful computing options
Technical support

HPC On-Demand – Flexible and Powerful

Designed for ease of use and fast turn-around. Quickly and easily scale computational resources to your needs. Sabalcore puts HPC in your hands. To this end, we’ve incorporated key features for allocating computing resources, visualizing data, managing accounts and projects, monitoring job progress, and getting support when you need it most.

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Typical customer profile:

  • Internal compute capacity is insufficient
  • Wants to leverage professional support along with on-demand compute capacity
  • Needs “burst” capacity for spot projects or has regular but fluctuating resource requirements
  • Needs ability to scale when required
  • Wants a simple work-flow process in the Cloud that integrates well with in-house processes
  • Prefers single origin cloud computing

Sabalcore HPC On-Demand Advantages

  • Pay only the resources you need when you need them. Run on 1 to 100s of processor cores at a time. You have complete control. Charged by the core-hour and rounded to the nearest second.
  • Single origin HPC Cloud – you know exactly where your data is at all times.  We own all servers and networks, we own our data center, so you know exactly where and who manages your data – Sabalcore.
  • Complete control and direct access to your files at all times. You have complete insight to the servers it’s stored on.
  • Flexible payment options and prepay volume discounts for high volume or long-term needs. Flexible Terms and Contracts also available.
  • Run any Software from our library of pre-installed  packages, have us install one for you, or install and run your own.
  • Remote Visualization, CLI, and secure file transfer using our all-in-one ssClient.
  • Sabalcore is simple to use  – Direct access to the environment provides complete flexibility. No need to work through a “wrapper” interface. Work directly with your software’s native interfaces.

Start Fast

Companies are now given the choice to buy hardware or use an HPC provider. Planning, purchasing, delivery, installation, integrating, and testing typically takes 4 to 6 weeks or more. At Sabalcore, you can get start in as little as a few hours. graph-sabalcore_vs_inhouse_startup

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