Dedicated Solutions

Dedicated HPC Cloud Solutions
for a Competitive Edge

When projects have critical deadlines and exacting requirements, Sabalcore can provide dedicated High Performance Computing (HPC) environments. Leverage Sabalcore’s years of experience and expertise in scientific and high performance computing to help you get the most out of your HPC Cloud Service.

The Dedicated
Solutions Edge

24/7 Dedicated HPC Environment.

Cost efficient.


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Sabalcore’s Dedicated Solutions are for those wanting the convenience of the cloud with a dedicated HPC environment with customized support and service. We will carefully develop a solution tailored to your organization’s specific needs that allows for maximum price-to-performance.

Typical customer profile:

  • Expects steady demand and system utilization
  • Would like to centralize their HPC capacity
  • Has controlled data requirements (ITAR, NIST 800-171)
  • Lacks internal HPC support or expertise
  • Has limited internal HPC capacity or is looking for alternatives to upgrading
  • Wants the flexibility to scale as workloads change without investing in more hardware
  • Is transitioning from AWS or Google Cloud to a purpose-built HPC environment
  • Needs Sabalcore’s High Performance Computing expertise and support

Consider the Benefits

Dedicated Compute Capacity

Sabalcore Dedicated HPC systems are physically isolated. All hardware resides in Sabalcore’s data centers ensuring complete confidentiality.

A Completansys-turbogrid-1-bge Solution

Focus on your core business knowing your HPC infrastructure, administration, and technical support needs are covered. The system is dedicated to your users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sabalcore fully supports the entire system including hardware, operating system, and software. The system is “turn-key” and integrated with your organization’s processes and workflows.

Key Advantages of Sabalcore Dedicated HPC CLoud

  • System is built, maintained, and supported by Sabalcore
  • Tailored and configured to meet your company’s requirements
  • Production level service
  • Custom application and workflow integration
  • Scale as needs grow or seamlessly push workloads to Sabalcore’s On Demand service
  • Leading hardware and software  technology
  • Secure, Encrypted, Confidential, and Private – you know who and where your data is managed
  • ITAR Compliant
  • NIST 800-717 Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) (available 2017)


Sabalcore Dedicate HPC Clusters are designed for your application and workflows. We work closely with you during planning and design to come up with the optimal system and service plan. Leverage Sabalcore’s years of experience in scientific and high performance computing along with the latest hardware technologies. System options include:

  • The newest Intel™ Xeon® processors
  • Cutting-edge network technology with the latest Infiniband
  • High-capacity direct attached high-performance parallel storage systems
  • Managed head nodes, web servers, and VPN servers
  • Secure VPN (soft or hardwired) access
  • Tailored security and Data encryption policies
  • Software application workflow optimization
  • Programming, scripting, and consulting

Contact us to discuss our Renault R28Security policy, service options, and your HPC criteria in depth.