System Features

Performance and
Flexibility Set Us Apart

Sabalcore designs its systems using best-of-breed hardware and operating systems. We’re dedicated to providing an optimum computing environment for our customers and are recognized for the expertise and responsiveness of our Technical Support Team.

Key System

High Performance Storage
High Performance Network
High Performance Computer nodes
Complete development environment
Secure access from anywhere

vm2Sabalcore’s System Features

Two principles guide our system design. First, provide a superb computing environment with the latest technologies to provide our customers with fast, reliable and consistent performance. Second, customers deserve tools and interfaces which make it simple to leverage the high performance computing environment. To this end, we’ve incorporated key features for optimizing the user experience.

Key System Features

  • Purpose-built HPC systems
  • Best-of-breed multi-core CPUs
  • Infiniband interconnect for parallel execution
  • Direct-attached High Performance Parallel file system for extreme I/O performance (faster than a SSD)
  • Bare metal processors (no virtualized or hyperthread processors)
  • Secure Client with remote graphics for native GUIs
  • Complete development environment available for compiling and building your own code
  • Fully managed environment. We take care of everything so you can focus on the work at hand

High Performance Network

Sabalcore compute clusters employ the fastest Infinband fabrics for reliable and scalable data communication between compute nodes. Infiniband provides the best network for parallel execution and is many times faster than Ethernet. Unlike AWS and Azure clouds, Sabalcore’ Infiniband is not segmented into virtual lanes. Instead of getting only a portion of the bandwidth in a virtual environment, you get the entire bandwidth provided by the network.

High Performance Compute NodesIMG_0292 (Small)

Choose from the latest multi-core Intel processors with ample RAM per core. We have a variety of compute nodes with dual CPUs to choose from including graphics nodes with GPUs for accelerated remote visualization.

Complete Development Environment

Installation of your software is included. However, for those power-user customers who wish to compile their own codes, a complete suite of updated open-source software libraries and compilers are available. Including C, C++, FORTRAN, OpenMP, mvapich2, OpenMPI and many more. Building code is easy. Most of the popular libraries are already installed and available. Simply reserve a compute node, choose and load the version of the system libraries you require, and start building and compiling. As an option, we can also build and tune your codes using Intel or Portland compilers. Contact us for more details.

Secure Access From Anywhere

Sabalcore has developed a robust full-featured secure client (ssClient) which provides screen_shot1-engboth command-line and graphical interfaces to the service. However, customers can access the service using any secure shell (SSH) client. All data in transfer, including graphics and remote desktop, is encrypted. Customer’s have the option to use secure key-pair authentication.