Air Quality Dispersion Modeling

Atmospheric Modeling at Sabalcore

We have an easy-to-use, pay-as-you-go cloud computing service tailored for Weather and Atmospheric Modeling.

Outstanding efficiency and performance.

“This level of computing and ‘hands-on’ technical support are not available from commodity cloud providers.”

Air Quality and Meteorology with Sabalcore High Performance Computing

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Sabalcore’s high performance computing (HPC) systems host popular atmospheric modeling software. Run your models using our pay-as-you-go HPC. It’s easy to use and everything is ready to go. We have the latest versions installed plus everything you need to run your models. 


Performance Matters

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Three important aspects that a HPC cloud must have to run technical applications at the best efficiency possible – Fast network, fast file system, and experienced technical support. These three attributes are essential for achieving results.

Our software installations are finely tuned for optimum performance. If you need a custom build, we offer to compile it for you or advanced users can compile and install their own.

Our hardware infrastructure is non-virtual. Why is this better? A non-virtual infrastructure provides the best performance possible because the software gets full access to the CPU cores, network, and direct attached storage. Our compute nodes are bare-metal and have ultra low-latency, local, Infiiniband interconnects for outstanding processing performance.


Atmospheric Sciences at Sabalcore

  • Air Quality Dispersion Modeling – CALPUFF and AERMOD are pre-installed. Begin running in just a few minutes. WRF also pre-installed.
  • Automation – automate entire workloads from downloading of Met data to pre and post processing
  • Queued and scheduled job execution
  • Turn-key – everything is pre-installed, configured, and ready
  • Reliability – our HPC cloud is designed for around-the-clock production work-loads
  • Technical support – we will build and install any compatible software you require. This is included for every Sabalcore account.

Compute Infrastructure

  • Tightly-coupled, bare-metal performance
  • Infiniband connectivity between compute nodes for superior MPI performance
  • Parallel File System – localized and direct-attached, provides outstanding data performance
  • High-memory – up to 16GB of non-virtual RAM per core provides plenty of memory for high-resolution models.
  • Accelerated data transfer – download/upload your data to Sabalcore 2x faster using our proprietary client

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