Our customer satisfaction is second to none

Below are just some of the positive feedback Sabalcore has received over the years.

“As always, our team deeply thanks you for your continuous and generous support!”
Gator Racing September 2020

“On behalf of Cal Poly Racing, thank you for your support for our teams! We would not be able to compete at a high level without your generous support.”
Calpoly SAE March 2020

“Fantastic, it is working now! Thank you for your help, this is great service!”
Ludovic S. HEC Paris, May 2019

“First of all let me give you the feedback about the experience with Sabalcore services: simply excellent. The performance is really impressive [and is] far better than I was expecting.”
Carlos C. Structural and Civil Engineering, May 2018

“Let me tell you that after using your service for about a year now I am still very satisfied with your hardware/software in general and your support in particular!”
Christoph W. Scientist, Center for Quantum Nano Science, November 2017

“ I [want] to let you know that we are extremely impressed so far with the level of service (in many aspects including calculation speed and user interface) and are looking forward to continually using your services..”
Bassett J. Engineer, Swiss Institute of Safety and Security, August 2017

“I have begun using Sabalcore [systems] and I have to compliment you first and tell you how it easy it is!”
Hoyt H., Engineering Researcher, University of Central Florida, August 2016

“Jobs are running nicely now! Thanks for all the help today! Great service!”
Havard M., Senior Engineer, Norway, August 2016

“Thank you and I do appreciate the diligence in helping us…
Martin P., Director, sensor manufacturing, UK, August 2016

Thanks very much for your support during the trial!”
Brian M., Production Design, Germany, August 2016

“I will definitely recommended [Sabalcore] in the future to anyone interested in HPC.”
Chris C., Software Developer, Netherlands, March 2016

“We would like to thank Sabalcore’s team for the excellent, high-quality services (and support) provided since last year.”
Dr.-Ing. Paulo B., WRF user, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, January 2016

“I ran my tests and the results were amazing. I got my code to run 3 times faster that what I get with our university cluster. The help I got was also very nice. [Sabalcore] did a very good job compiling the code for me.”
Wiktor w., Rockseis, Norway, December 2015

“The service has been very good so far, I have to admit. Your support is much appreciated.”
Maziar G., GHI, December 2015

“Without your support over the past year and a half, we would not have been able to produce the prodigious amount of research and publications that have gone on to support risk reports and analysis for countries burdened with the staggering challenges of disease eradication. Please pass along our gratitude and appreciation for all of the hard-work and support of your team to meet our computer needs.”
Nicole B., EMOD, Intellectual Ventures Lab, April 2014

“Thank you for all of your help! The excellent support you provide makes Sabalcore my first choice when I need additional cluster capacity.”
Michael V. L-3 Comm, April 2014

“Thanks a lot for your help, I can’t believe it’s so easy… ”
Roy H., The Scottish Government, Marine Lab. December 2013

“I knew I can count on the you guys.”
Bahaa E., Lucius Pitkin Inc., August 2013

“Thanks again for all your help, it’s really great to be able to access this type of computing power in an easy way, with great support.”
Alan H., Scottish Environment Protection Agency. Stirling, Scotland August 2013

“Our modelers were very happy with the support this weekend. [We] sincerely appreciate your help.”
Bill S., January 31, 2013

“Over the past 5 years since doing business with Sabalcore, we have have been extremely satisfied with their service. We never experienced any downtime or interruption of service during our extensive production runs. In addition, the performance benefit of running jobs in one tenth the time it would take to run on our in house compute cluster helped keep production on track and profitable. Add to that the outstanding customer service and you have one very happy customer. Thank you for the excellent service. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.”
Bill Schulz System Administrator, Scidera Aug 2012

“I am personally very happy with the level of service provided, as you have given us everything we requested, and more. I think that without your service we would have had to either alter our timelines or validation procedures, and I am glad we did not have to do so.”
Stephen D., Mars UK, December 2011

“In almost every way the support and communication provided by Sabalcore has been excellent.”
Stewart W., Senior CFD Consultant, Lloyd’s Register, UK, July 2011

“We couldn’t be happier with your service or your cluster’s speed. Thanks to [Sabalcore’s Support] getting our code running faster than expected, I am now ahead of schedule.”
Michael V. L3Com, June 2011

“I will again say that support from Sabalcore has been beyond anything I have experienced with on-demand computing…I hope to again use your service in the near future.”
Shiva S. Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Berlin. March 2011

Theo O. California. April 8th 2010

“Support and performance is great and I haven’t had any problems so far. I’m very thankful for the time you have spent on us, and the level of support has been outstanding.”
Niels L., Copenhagen Denmark. March 2010

“I just wanted to let you know that I sincerely appreciate fantastic support we are getting from you and your company. This is easily one of the best investments we’ve made–I get cluster access without the hassle of taking care of one myself. Y’all do a great job… You’re an excellent ‘secret weapon’ in the cost savings game!”
J.S. Huntsville, Alabama. August 2009

“Thanks again for your expertise. Me and others…continue to realize the valuable resource we have in Sabalcore.”
Dan P., Durham, New Hampshire, February 2009

“Trial worked perfectly. You have an amazing service – rapid, seamless set up and very easy to use. A computational life-saver!
Jeremey D., Glen Rock, New Jersey, January 2008

“Just a quick notes to personally thank you for the assistance and great service you’ve and the rest of the SABALCORE have provided our firm so far. …we certainly couldn’t have been able to proceed this far in developing [our product] without your help. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”
John R. D., Santa Fe, New Mexico, October 2007

“We have saved one or two weeks of time this way.”
A.L., San Francisco, California, June 2007

“This works awesome…”
R.A., Calgary Canada, June 2007

“Service like this proves that it was a wise decision to continue using your company for cluster services and to upgrade to the [Custom Cluster Service]. [We] really appreciate all your efforts.”
D.M., Vero Beach, Florida February 2005

Thanks for your help so far, we appreciate the support you’ve offered us, and look forward to continuing to work with [Sabalcore Computing, Inc.].”
R.G., San Rafael, California, applications provider, a customer since January 2007

“Thank you for your help during [our] project this summer. You have a good and useful operation over there.”
M.C., New York, geophysics, a customer since July 2006

“You helped me a lot!! Now I can submit parallel jobs which are running like a charm. Again I am very impressed by your short response time.”
R.M., Germany, a customer since February 2007

“Thanks again. By the way, Sabalcore support continues to be the best I have encountered.”
D.P., New Hampshire, Finite element analysis using Sabalcore’s Custom Cluster Service, a customer since 2005

“FUN3D is running fine. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your help! That saves plenty of time!”
L.W., Vero Beach Florida, a customer since 2004

“I would like to thank [Sabalcore] for the outstanding support we received during start-up of the system. We greatly appreciate [your] efforts.”
R.R. February 2005-present. Finite element analysis using Sabalcore’s Private Service.

“I am VERY impressed so far by your service. I had the trial account details in my inbox this morning, and within 2 hours had ported one of our codes onto your platform and run an initial test job. I spent a lot of time last year trying…the compute-on-demand services ‘offered’ by some of your competition. With one of them it took…a month to sort out all the technical problems of porting our code.”
M.W., Edinburgh, England, geophysics, September 2006

“I am completely satisfied with your service and support.”
LW -Aerodynamicist, August 2004-2010

“Service has been perfect.”
K.W. -February 2004

“You have done quite a remarkable work.”
A.G., Hawaii, September 2003

“Your system has been providing excellent performance. Our company has gotten to the stage of requiring a lot of data crunching, and your service and support make Sabalcore our primary resource for intensive processing!”
IL Inc., Virginia, March 2002

“Thank you for your prompt reply and your good support during our testing phase.”
IHE-US, Germany, January 2002

“Great service and research! Your company keeps climbing higher and higher on my satisfaction scale! . Thanks again for your.continuing fine support.”
D.W., Belgium, September 2001

“I already got a trial account on your machines, and I just logged in, fantastic!”
I.G., CSHL New York, August 2001

“I’m quite impressed with how perfectly things run on your system.”
P.L., Virginia, May 2001

“I find them [your systems] perfect, especially the amount of memory.”
G.P., UV, Department of Physics, Hungary, February 2001

“The computers are well set up. And the support was extremely quick.”
N.T., IU Department of Biology, January 2001