The Sabalcore Interface

Interfacing with the Sabalcore HPC service is easy. The Sabalcore Secure Client (or “ssClient”) runs independent of the browser which provides a reliable, more efficient, user experience.

Sabalcore’s Secure Client incorporates dozens of powerful features including command-line client, visualization, remote desktop, file transfer and help documentation into one efficient interface.

  • Remote desktop for visualization and work your software’s native UIs
  • Submit and monitor jobs
  • Collaborative:  Share screens and data. Consolidate teams separated geographically.
  • Transfer files
  • Secure: All data transmitted is encrypted


Persistent Sessions

sabalcore-sessions1Remote desktop sessions are continuous and can be picked-up instantly after logging back in. Share sessions and collaborate with co-workers. Consolidate teams separated geographically.


Data and File Management

Built-in File transfer tools allow you to securely transfer your files to/from the service. Our proprietary accelerated transfer allows TBs to be transferred across the globe fast!



Quickly Launch Jobs

We’ve included custom application launchers for our most popular software applications. These launchers allow users to quickly configure job parameters including quantity and type of processors, RAM, input data, and more. Simply configure and “click and go”. Full scripting (bash, python, pearl, etc) is also supported.

Job Scheduling

Sabalcore’s job scheduling and queuing allows you to schedule tasks, assign job dependencies, run design of experiments (DOE), and other complex workflows. Setup and manage automated and conditional work-flows. Receive job status notifications by email or text message.



Stay up to date on job status, account balance, and account history. Manage your accounting by project, customer, job set, and more. Generate custom reports by user defined parameters. Easily email the reports to anyone in your organization.


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