Sabalcore Interface

The Sabalcore Secure Client

The Sabalcore Secure Client (ssClient) provides secure access to Sabalcore’s HPC infrastructure and includes dozens of time-saving features like file transfer, remote visualization, VPNs, and more.

“The Sabalcore ssClient is like having a workstation experience in the cloud.” Special GPU nodes optimize and send rendered graphics over low-bandwidth WAN connections to your local machine.

Easy to Use

Sabalcore’s Secure Client (ssClient) incorporates dozens of powerful features including command-line client, graphics, desktop, and help documentation into one efficient interface.

  • Mobile: Work from anywhere, anytime.
  • Collaborative: Consolidate teams separated geographically. Share screens and data.
  • Secure: All data transmitted, including remote desktop and graphics, is encrypted.

Powerful remote graphics along with traditional command-line features makes it easy to integrate Sabalcore HPC Cloud into your workflow processes.


Persistent Sessions

sabalcore-sessions1Remote desktop sessions are continuous and can be picked-up instantly after logging back in. Pick-up where you left off instantly from any location and share sessions and collaborate with co-workers. Run simulations interactively using the application’s native UI. Consolidate teams separated geographically. Share screens and data. Perform remote visualization in the cloud rendered by NVIDIA® Professional Workstation Graphics cards.

Data and File Management

Built-in File transfer tools allow you to securely transfer your files from you local PC and create or remove folders. Proprietary accelerated file transfer allows files to be transferred fast! (coming in 2019!)

You can also access any cloud storage provider such as Amazon S3Google Cloud Storage, or Dropbox and transfer directly to your Sabalcore account.

Quickly Launch Jobs

Application launchers allow you to quickly assign your input files, configure your processor cores, and launch jobs. Simply “click and go”.

Scripting Support – With Sabalcore’s HPC service, you can reuse any script needed for your analysis.

Job Scheduling

Sabalcore’s job scheduling and queuing allows you to schedule tasks, assign job dependencies, run design of experiments (DOE), and other complex simulation workflows. Receive job status notifications by email or text message. Define custom variables such as project name, customer account, and engineer for

Customer Portal

Stay up to date on job status, account balance, and account history. Manage accounting by project, customer, job set, and more.portal-3

License Tunnel – Connect to your License Server

Stay in control of your licenses. Built-in secure port “tunneling” and VPN for connecting to remote private license servers or data servers. Easily link your license server to your Sabalcore account and use it to run jobs at Sabalcore.

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