Dedicated HPC

Dedicated HPC Cloud Solutions
for a Competitive Edge

Get the most out of your HPC Cloud – a 24×7 dedicate compute system.

Get the Dedicated
Solutions Edge

24/7 compute capacity.

Resides in Sabalcore’s SSAE-16 SOC 2 data center.

Support by Sabalcore Engineers.

HPC Dedicated in the Cloud

IMG_0260 (Small)Sabalcore’s Dedicated Solutions are for those wanting the convenience of the cloud with a dedicated HPC environment. Join our growing client list today.

Typical customer profile:

  • Would like to centralize HPC capacity
  • Has controlled data requirements
  • Has consistent production workloads
  • Has limited internal HPC capacity or is looking for alternatives to upgrading
  • Wants the flexibility to scale capacity when workloads change
  • Would like to leverage dedicated support experts

Consider the Benefits

Continuous Compute Capacity

Access HPC resources including dedicated login servers, compute nodes, and graphics servers 24×7 with no waiting.

A Completansys-turbogrid-1-bge Solution

Focus on your core business knowing your HPC infrastructure, administration, and technical support needs are covered. The system is dedicated to your users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sabalcore maintains the entire system including hardware, operating system, and software.

Key Advantages of Sabalcore Dedicated HPC CLoud

  • You have 24×7 dedicated access to a core set of Sabalcore compute resources
  • Perfect for continuous production workloads
  • Seamlessly push workloads to Sabalcore’s On Demand service when needed
  • Flexible – leverage HPC on-demand  during workload spikes
  • Tailored and configured to meet your company’s computational and budgetary requirements
  • SLA or by contract

Built for your Workflow

Sabalcore Dedicate HPC Clusters are designed for your application and workflows. We work closely with you during planning and design to come up with the optimal system and service plan. Leverage Sabalcore’s years of experience in scientific and high performance computing along with the latest hardware technologies. Example options:

  • Software installation with regular updates
  • High-performance parallel storage systems tuned for your data patterns
  • Very large data requirements
  • Specialty nodes, web servers, and VPN servers available
  • Tailored for your security and data encryption policies
  • QA and certification tools
  • Custom programming, scripting, and consulting available

Contact us to discuss our security policy, service options, and your HPC criteria in depth.