Special Announcement

** Special Announcement – Service Interruption **

09/28/22 08:00AM – The data center (operated by a 3rd party) where Sabalcore resides just to the west of the path of major typhoon Ian. The data center is now therefore located on the weaker side of the storm. Ian is forecast to impact the area starting Wednesday morning September 28th through Thursday September 29th.

Ian is forecast to produce near Cat-5 winds and flooding rains. The storm is capable of producing widespread sever damage.

Our datacenter has redundant power and multiple internet connectivity to significantly reduce the possibility of interruptions to the service. Sabalcore plans to remain online during the storm. However due to the path and strength of this storm, we estimate the likelihood of impact to the service to be HIGH.

** We strongly advise customers to download all critical information and plan for possible service interruption. **

  • A   HIGH   Impact means: The likelihood of physical damage to the building structure, impact to our ISP’s ability to provide internet service, and limited support staff at the data center are high. An extended interruption to the service is likely in this scenario. Running jobs will be interrupted and access to user data may be unavailable for an extended period of time.

Sabalcore is closely monitoring the situation and will update this information as needed.

Information about how to download your data.

For information on how to download directly: from the ssClient, got to Help –> Knowledge Base. Under Section 1, see article 6 and 7. Our international customers should use GFT.

If you are using some other cloud storage: Launch a remote desktop, run Chrome or Firefox but specify at least 6 cores for the job. More cores will help speed the transfer. Log into your cloud storage account and proceed with the transfer.


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