Run Azore® CFD on purpose-built HPC systems in the cloud

 Azore® is a leading edge Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software tool developed and distributed by Azore Software, LLC. This tool uses the latest numerical methods to virtually simulate the behavior of fluid systems on a computer. It can be used for engineering analysis of complex flow systems.

Sabalcore HPC Cloud supports the Azore® CFD Software Suite. Sabalcore users can run Azore® on purpose-build HPC systems in the cloud. Azore® utilizes the control volume method for discretization of the mesh topology. Traditional mesh topologies as well as arbitrary polyhedral mesh topologies are acceptable inputs for this numerical analysis tool.

The Azore® CFD suite includes:

  • Hex/Tet Mesh Solver
  • Steady State Incompressible Solver
  • Continuity/Momentum Coupling
  • Built-in Post-Processing
  • K-epsilon Turbulence Model
  • Wall Function Treatment
  • Thin Surface Heat Transfer
  • Multiple Reference Frame for Rotating Machinery
  • Volumetric Porous Resistance
  • Thin Surface Porous Resistance
  • Polyhedral Mesh Solver
  • Transient Incompressible Solver
  • Multi-species
  • Multiphase Flow

Are you looking for a Fluent alternative and also want to run in the Cloud? Import from:

TRELIS® mesh files
FLUENT® msh formated mesh files
FLUENT® (binary/ASCII) case files. Note many of the case features are also imported such as boundary conditions material properties.

Also supported:

Gridgen/Pointwise®(msh file format)
TrueGrid® (msh file format)
GridPro® (msh file format)
Spider (msh file format)
Cubit (msh file format)
CastNet® (msh file format)

Further technical details about the Azore solver can be found at

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The Azore name is a trademark of Azore Software, LLC. Fluent is a trademark name of ANSYS. Trelis® is a trademark of csimsoft.