Materials Design at Sabalcore HPC Cloud

Connect MedeA® to 100’s of processors with Sabalcore’s HPC Cloud Service.

High-performance computing is an increasingly critical tool for both academic and corporate research across a variety of fields including electronics, aerospace, energy and power, chemicals, and alloys.

MedeA® and Sabalcore HPC Cloud.


  • VASP
  • Gibbs

Materials Design at Sabalcore

partners-materials-designMaterials Design is a leading provider of software services to the materials R&D field. Their capabilities focus on the quantitative prediction of materials properties of direct value in the engineering process. Materials Design software enables materials engineers and scientists to improve the performance and reliability of existing materials and to
design novel materials by providing:

  • Property prediction where experiments are time consuming, expensive or unfeasible
  • Interpretation of experiments and the ability to resolve conflicting data
  • Better fundamental understanding of materials behavior

Sabalcore supports Materials Design MedeA® software set as part of our High Performance Computing services. The MedeA® software package predicts materials properties using simulations based on quantum mechanics, statistical thermodynamics, classical mechanics and electrodynamics as well as correlation methods involving empirical data.

MedeA is designed for materials engineers and scientists who want rapid and reliable answers for a range of materials issues related to application areas such as electrical power generation, automotive applications, energy storage, alloy design, microelectronics, the chemical industry and petrochemicals.

The MedeA software consists of three levels, a graphical user interface, databases, and simulation programs. Communication between layers is through JobServers and TaskServers hosted at Sabalcore allowing the user seamless access to hundreds of processors on-demand from the MedeA® client installed on their laptop or workstation. During the execution of the computational jobs at Sabalcore, the MedeA® interface can be disconnected and their progress can be monitored using the web-browser interface of the JobServers.

Easily scale and run all simulations available in the MedeA Environment using Sabalcore:

  • VASP
  • Gibbs

Computing Power when you need it

Sabalcore’s powerful remote multi-processor infrastructure enables flexibility and provides access to compute resources with variable demands and time periods that can scale-out depending on workloads. Have the flexibility to control costs via pay-per-use high performance computing hardware. Offloading Materials Design workloads to Sabalcore provides flexibility, cost benefits, and enables greater agility in a competitive landscape.

Key Features

  • Seamlessly connect MedeA jobs to scalable computational resources at Sabalcore
  • Secure encrypted VPN connection
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • Bare metal (no virtualized processors) for peak performance
  • Fully managed – let Sabalcore take care of your HPC environment
  • No need to purchase additional hardware

Supported by a Team of Experts

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