MathWorks MATLAB® Parallel Computing with Sabalcore HPC Cloud

Setup and run MATLAB® computations on Sabalcore HPC Cloud quickly and easily.

Reduce costs and increase productivity with Sabalcore’s High Performance Computing services.


Utilize tightly coupled compute clusters for optimum performance and data reliability. Pay-as-you-go compute resources.

MATLAB® in the Cloud with Sabalcore HPC

MATLAB® users with a compatible license can now easily utilize Sabalcore’s HPC Cloud. Sabalcore’s “turn-key” cloud offering allows you to run MATLAB® workers using pre-configured high performance compute clusters in the cloud. Leverage Sabalcore’s fully managed compute clusters to quickly setup and run multiple jobs simultaneously.




MATLAB® at Sabalcore

Sabalcore HPC Cloud services provides you the ability run multiple MATLAB® simulations quickly and easily. You access Sabalcore’s HPC Cloud using a secure connection. The commercial license for Parallel Computing Toolbox™ provides the ability to run MATLAB® in parallel.  Choose the number of processors, processor type, and RAM requirements for your application. Run interactively using MATLAB® or concurrent jobs in batch mode.

Typical customer profile:

  • Has a Commercial MATLAB® or Academic Campus license
  • Would like to run MATLAB in batch or interactively

Key Features

  • Powerful high-performance computing systems process the most demanding jobs.
  • Run MATLAB® interactively or batch
  • Easily manage MATLAB® running on Sabalcore HPC Cloud.
  • Sabalcore’s High Performance Computing environment offers high-end, tightly coupled compute clusters for optimum performance and data reliability.
  • All-in-one pricing: compute, store, technical support, and data transfer included in the cost of the core-hour (MATLAB license not included).

Run MATLAB® Jobs in Batch

Our remote license tunnel securely connects your license server with your account at Sabalcore. Run multiple production jobs in batch remotely. Optional API is available to interface your in-house systems to Sabalcore.

Visualize in the Cloud

With our powerful remote graphics capability, you have the option to effectively work in the Cloud using MATLAB’s® native GUI. From the Sabalcore MATLAB® launcher, simply choose how many worker processor cores you want use and everything else is taken care of.



Verify your license compatibility with Sabalcore HPC Cloud (see below). Then complete this short form. You will be provided with one user account, storage, and free evaluation core-hours to help you get started, and instructions on how to use the service. Or Contact us to discuss how Sabalcore’s HPC services and solutions can help your company. If you have questions about the licenses required to run at Sabalcore, please contact your Mathworks sales representative.

License Capability and Requirements

You will need your own licenses to run MATLAB or MATLAB Parallel Server. Sabalcore does not provide the licenses.

Commercial License – A MATLAB and a Parallel Tool Box license is required. Access to your MATLAB license server is required.

Academic Campus – your university has a Campus license. A Sabalcore license tunnel is required to connect your license to your account at Sabalcore. Contact Sabalcore support for additional requirements and details.

Academic Student – The student license is not supported.

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