QuantumWise ATK

QW ATK 2017 On-Demand!

Utilize Sabalcore’s high-performance cloud computing service to accelerate your ATK simulations quickly and easily.

QuantumWise ATK at Sabalcore:

Pay-per-use License Model.

Scale to 100s of processors.


QuantumWise ATK US Customers

logoATKFlexible on-demand licensing allows pay-as-you-go computing for QuantumWise ATK. Scale simulations to 100’s of processor cores quickly and easily.

Send jobs to Sabalcore directly from the VNL!

Launch ATK simulations on Sabalcore’s High Performance Computing Cloud platform directly from VNL. Simply enter the CPU configuration you need and go.

Why choose QuantumWise ATK?

Introduction to transport  calculations with ATK

QuantumWise Atomistix ToolKit (ATK) is an atomic-scale simulation software tool for nanoscience. ATK offers unique capabilities for simulating electrical transport properties of nanodevices on the atomic scale. Based on an open architecture which integrates a powerful scripting language with a graphical user interface, ATK is a comprehensive platform for studies in nanoelectronics, using both accurate first-principles (DFT) and fast semi-empirical methods. Moreover, ATK includes a very advanced electrostatic model to allow realistic simulations of nanoscale transistor structures.

atk-1Researchers at R&D departments of the major semiconductor and electronics companies choose ATK for their atomistic simulations because they can work more efficiently using ATK. ATK enables researchers to reach their goals faster. More details about ATK…

Sabalcore HPC Cloud is the best choice for QuantumWise ATK

  • ATK Network License support – use your current license with Sabalcore
  • ATK On-Demand License (only for US customers only)
  • Bare metal performance (no virtualized processors) for the best performance possible
  • Fastest network: Infiniband interconnect for optimal parallel execution
  • High Performance parallel storage for accelerated file I/O and increased performance
  • Optimized for ATK: ATK is built and tuned for Sabalcore’s HPC systems
  • Fully managed environment: you get software and system support from one place

Contact us to discuss what Sabalcore’s HPC services and QuantumWise ATK solutions can do for your company.