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life-sciences-picStrong research programs are vital to the continued success of pharmaceutical and life science companies in today’s fiercely competitive markets. That is why many companies seek ways to focus on intensive computer-based methods. These strategies, however, are limited by the availability and effectiveness of the computational resources at hand. Outsourcing high performance computing requirements to a dedicated service like Sabalcore can offer significant benefits. Utilize Sabalcore’s remotely accessed on-demand High Performance Computing systems with cutting-edge processors for computational life sciences, molecular dynamics, quantum chemistry and more.

With Sabalcore’s single origin HPC Cloud, the need for complex IT infrastructure is substantially reduced. Choosing Sabalcore as a partner eliminates the hassle and expense of in-house IT infrastructure.  And provides the peace of mind that comes with confidentiality because Sabalcore owns all the servers and networks so you know where and who is managing your data – Sabalcore.

Use Sabalcore On-Demand High Performance Computing services for a variety of life science related applications. We have an extensive library of preinstalled software ready to go. Or we can install your specific software.

Featured Software

Amira – 2D-5D visualization and analysis software
RELION – cryo-EM  produces highly detailed images of viruses, areas within cells, and single proteins.
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Tools that Simplify

Amira-RNA_moleculeSabalcore’s ssClient with Remote Visualization allows for easy migration to the cloud. Unlike other web-based interfaces which can be restrictive, Sabalcore’s interface allows the user to run virtually any application graphically using the application’s native interface while tapping into hundreds of processors at the same time.

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