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Researchers today use high performance computing to explore the boundaries of scientific and engineering discoveries.  Scientific computing has become an important leg of discovery with equal importance to theoretical and experimental research activities. A first-class research organization requires access to high performance computing resources.  Outsourcing some or all of the high performance computing requirements to a dedicated service like Sabalcore can offer significant benefits.

Numerical Simulations for Tableting and Coating

Computing Power when you need it

Sabalcore’s powerful remote multi-processor infrastructure enables flexibility and provides access to compute resources for variable demands and time periods that can scale-out depending on workloads. Have the flexibility to control costs via pay-per-use access or hybrid combination of pay-per-use and client-dedicated hardware. Offloading workloads to Sabalcore provides the flexibility and cost benefits and enables greater agility in a competitive landscape.

Tools for Success

Amira-RNA_moleculeSabalcore’s ssClient with Remote Visualization allows for easy migration to the cloud. Unlike other web-based interfaces which can be restrictive, Sabalcore’s interface allows the user to run virtually any application graphically using the application’s native interface while tapping into hundreds of processors at the same time.


Visit the Academic page for information about HPC in the Cloud for academics.

Popular Software Applications

We have all the popular applications pre-installed and ready to go. These include:

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Visit the Academic page for information about HPC in the Cloud for academics.

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