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The importance of weather and climate prediction for saving lives and protecting property has never been greater. Sabalcore’s “bare-metal” approach to HPC in the cloud fills the gap that virtual clouds can’t.

weather_thumb1Unlike generic virtual environments offered by cloud providers such as Amazon and Google, Sabalcore’s “bare-metal” and tightly-coupled HPC systems are purpose built for parallel applications.

Sabalcore supports scientific modeling and simulation applications as part of our High Performance Computing services. Sabalcore already hosts many popular environment related time dependent,  transport and dispersion modeling application. The applications are pre installed and ready to run in our turn-key environment.

Performance is Critical

Parallel applications rely heavily on distributing the domain process across many compute nodes in order to reduce the wall-time necessary to complete the simulation. Therefore, the network connection between the nodes is critical to the performance, scalability, and reliability of the process. Sabalcore’s Infiniband network provides the ultra-low latency full-bandwidth connectivity between compute nodes and is directly attached to the storage domain. Easily scale to hundreds of processor cores.

  • High performance Infiniband interconnects (many times faster than Ethernet)
  • High performance parallel filesystems for demanding I/O
  • Direct-attached storage for high-throughput direct-to-disk I/O
  • Bare-metal compute nodes for highest available performance per CPU cycle (faster than virtual)

Popular Atmospheric Modeling Applications Hosted at Sabalcore

WRF, WRF-Chem, WRFDA, HWRF, and more

We can host or you can install just about any application. Contact a Sabalcore Business Development team member for a quick response to your inquiry.

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