Your first 1000 core-hours are free . Plus get 100GB of persistent data storage each month, free. Test your applications, run jobs, compile code, and leverage the expertise of our technical support team to help get you started quickly.


When you first sign-up for the service, 1,000 core-hours are included free. Any core-hours used beyond the first 1,000, are charged the pay-as-you-go rate. We also include 100GB of storage free each month. Any data stored beyond 100GB is changed $0.09/GB-month.

No charge for time on login servers
No charge for standard data transfers
No monthly fees
No network fees

If you don’t use any core-hours and your data usage is under 100GB, you will not be charged.

Standard support is included. This includes support for the usage of the service, assistance with installation of software, on-boarding, and basic automation scripts. We do not provide support that is application specific. For example: how to create a case in OpenFOAM or build a mesh in Ansys.

The service is charged by the “core-hour”.  A core-hour is one hour of time a processor core of a “compute node” is used. Core-hours are calculated as the number of cores used by the job multiplied by its wall-time. For example, a job that used 10 cores for 2 hours would be charged 10 x 2 x $0.12 = $2.40. There is no charge for time on login servers. There is no charge for data transfers in/out of the service. Invoices are sent monthly for whatever charges were accumulated.

Invoices are sent monthly. You can pay by credit card through a link in the invoice email.

All major Credit Cards accepted (US and International)
Bank transfers – wire or ACH deposit, PayPal, Wise, Company check.
Payment must be made in USD.