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“This level of hardware is generally not available from other cloud providers.”

Run WRF in the Cloud with Sabalcore HPC

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Sabalcore hosts the popular Weather Research Forecast (WRF) model as part of our High Performance Computing services. Run any WRF core on-demand using our customizable and easy to use environment. We have the latest versions installed plus everything you need to run WRF in a production-level environment.

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WRF at Sabalcore – Performance Matters

IMG_0260 (Small)Three important aspects that a HPC cloud must have to run WRF at the best efficiency possible – Fast interconnect (network), fast file system, and WRF must be compiled and installed correctly in a fully managed environment.  These three attributes are essential for achieving results in the cloud.

Our WRF installations are finely tuned for optimum performance. We have dozens of pre-built variants ready to run including WPS, ARW, NMM, WRFDA, HWRF, 3D-var, and more. If you need a custom build, we offer to compile and install any customized WRF variant you need, while the advanced WRF user has the option to compile and install their own.

Our hardware infrastructure is non-virtual. Why is this better? A non-virtual infrastructure provides the best performance possible because WRF gets full access to the CPU cores, networks, and storage targets. All our compute nodes are bare-metal and have ultra low-latency Infiiniband interconnects for outstanding parallel processing performance.

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WRF at Sabalcore

  • WRF is pre-installed. Begin running in just a few minutes.
  • Complete Linux (UNIX) user environment with shell (CLI) and Graphical interface.
  • Support for fully automated execution of WRF jobs.
  • The service is fully managed so you can focus on your tasks.
  • WRF professional consultant on staff.
  • Single origin Cloud – you know exactly where and who manages your data, Sabalcore.


  • Non-virtual. All bare-metal.
  • Infiniband – localized, tightly-coupled, non-virtual (full-rate) network provides outstanding performance for WRF.
  • Parallel File System – localized and direct-attached, provides outstanding data performance for WRF. This is essential for large production runs such as hind-casts.
  • High-memory compute nodes – up to 8GB of non-virtual RAM per core provides plenty of memory for high-resolution models.

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About WRF

WRF can generate atmospheric simulations using real data (observations, analyses) or idealized conditions. WRF offers operational forecasting a flexible and computationally-efficient platform, while providing recent advances in physics, numerics, and data assimilation.  The Nonhydrostatic Mesoscale Model (NMM)  and Advanced Research WRF (ARW) cores are available at Sabalcore.

Supported by a Team of Experts

We support WRF users from around the world. We have professional WRF Subject Matter Experts on staff ready to answer your critical questions. Consider Sabalcore an extension of your business and a valued partner.

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