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Sabalcore High Performance Computing

Flexible, Fast, Easy to Use

Sabalcore places all aspects of high performance computing (HPC) in the user’s hands with the flexibility of command-line interface and remote desktop for visualization. As well as, file transfer, job scheduling and queuing, and automation of complex workflows. Use Sabalcore HPC for quick turn-around jobs, out-of-the-ordinary computational projects, or continuous production needs. Process faster and pay only for what you use.

Quickly tap into the power of Sabalcore’s purpose-built high performance computing systems to crunch numbers and speedup simulation time. Sabalcore’s HPC Cloud is designed to run parallel applications quickly and reliably. We take care of everything so you can focus on the work at hand. Our service is fully managed and technical support is included. We have over 500 pre-installed and optimized software packages and libraries ready to use. For those power-user customers who wish to compile their own codes, a complete suite of libraries and compilers are available.

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On-Demand Pricing
Mulit-Node (MPI)
InfiniBand network for MPI up to 200Gbps (Quantum)
Direct-attached Parallel File System
Scriptable job submissions, queues, resource manager
Proprietary accelerated file transfer – download your data fast!

Streamlined Workflow

Interfacing with the Sabalcore HPC service is done through our full-featured light-weight client (ssClient™) which runs independent of the browser. This provides a better, more efficient, user experience and streamlines work-flows. Remote desktop, command line terminal, and file transfer tools work independently and lets you work more efficiently than from a browser.

The Sabalcore ssClient™ is similar to a Workstation in the cloud. The ssClient™ allows engineers and researchers to take full advantage of the cloud with easy workflow. Run pre-processing, solving, and post-processing, similar to a local workstation.  Run HPC workloads remotely, efficiently, and securely.

  • Remote desktop and visualization powered by NVIDIA graphics cards
  • Standard Linux (UNIX) SSH command line/shell interface.
  • Native file browsing allows you to mange and transfer data seamlessly between your PC and the Sabalcore cloud.
  • Submit jobs and monitor data in real-time
  • Collaborative:  Share screens and data with co-workers in the same group. Connect teams separated geographically. All your computing needs are in one place.
  • Group accounts for multiple users with data sharing.

Persistent User Sessions

  • Persistent sessions allow you to interact instantly with service. Sessions are continuous and can be picked-up instantly after logging back in from any PC.
  • Two independent sessions can run at the same time and each session has two desktops making it easy to share with co-workers.
  • Manage multiple projects independently from one interface
  • Share and collaborate with co-workers within the group
  • Jobs continue to run even after logging out of service. No need to keep your PC running.

Ultra fast Data Transfer

Our proprietary accelerated transfer, Global File Transfer (GFT) allows TBs of data to be downloaded between you and Sabalcore fast! Especially for overseas users. No more waiting for hours to download.

  • Transfer TBs in and out of Sabalcore at blazing speeds
  • Optimized  to transfer very large files over long distances
  • Download 100s of GBs, even TBs, much more quickly than browser based transfers or standard SCP.
  • Auto resume partial transfers
  • User defined target transfer speed

Bare-metal Compute Infrastructure

High Performance Network and Storage

This is a significant distinction between Sabalcore and commodity clouds. Our service provides physical “bare-metal” CPU cores and networks for optimal performance for your application. Sabalcore’s Nvidia/Mellanox InfiniBand networking is direct attached to your data. This enables customers to run MPI applications at “full wire speed” without having to manage data containers, instances, or buckets. In commodity clouds, two virtual CPUs, or “vCPUs” share one physical CPU core. In affect, you pay more for vCPUs (in both cost and time) than bare-metal. Bare-metal is always faster than virtual. Get true “bare-metal” performance at Sabalcore, not virtual performance.

Efficient high-performance computing systems require high-bandwidth, low-latency connections, both between multi-processor nodes and to high-speed parallel storage systems. Sabalcore compute clusters and storage systems employ direct-attached NVIDIA®/Mellanox® Infiniband networks for ultra low latency, high-bandwidth, high message rate, and transport offload for reliable data communication between compute nodes and storage servers. This is essential for MPI based applications. Because the network is “direct-attached” your stored data is instantly accessible to all compute systems so there is no need to stage data.

  • High performance NVIDIA®/Mellanox® InfiniBand interconnects (many times faster than Ethernet). Ideal for MPI based applications.
  • High performance parallel filesystems for demanding I/O
  • Direct-attached storage for high-throughput direct-to-disk I/O and instant access
  • Bare-metal compute nodes running Linux OS for highest available performance per CPU cycle.
Sabalcore System Racks

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Why use Sabalcore HPC Cloud?

Sabalcore HPC systems were specifically designed to run computationally intensive numerical applications with performance, efficiency and reliability in mind. Sabalcore compute systems, storage systems, and networks are bare-metal and operate without performance restrictions. The Sabalcore platform was built specifically for engineering and scientific applications that use MPI for multi-node processing. Tap into hundreds of processors per job.

Start simulating quickly. Get the most out of the cloud with our bare-metal HPC clusters. Simply log into the service, upload your model and data using the built-in transfer client, select your compute resources, and run your job.

  • Single Origin

    We own and maintain our own servers and networks in our datacenter so that we can provide a true HPC platform in the cloud. You know where and who is managing your data – Sabalcore.

  • "Lightning Fast"

    Access compute resources in seconds.

    Download fast using our proprietary file transfer technology.

    High performance interconnects (NVIDIA® Mellanox® Quantum™ Infiniband) – critical for MPI based applications

    High performance parallel file system – load is distributed across numerous targets simultaneously for optimal performance.

  • Free Account, free data storage

    User accounts are free. You only pay for CPU time (core-hours) and data storage.

    Pay-per-use billing. Pay only for what you use.

    Data storage included. 100GB free each month.

  • Turn Key

    Access compute resources in seconds.

    Everything is ready to go. Start simulating in minutes.

  • Support

    Current and back versions of software available and easily accessible.

    Extensive batch, queue, and scripting capabilities.

    Technical support included.