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Sabalcore High Performance

OpenFOAM® and High Performance Computing at Sabalcore

Step 1

Upload your simulation files to your Sabalcore account. You can use our file transfer GUI or directly using scp.

Step 2

Run your jobs on our Linux Clusters interactively or in batch. We have example job specification files to help you start quickly. Access output files in real-time.

Step 3

Post process directly in the cloud or download results. Storage is available in the cloud.

Sabalcore Cloud is built for OpenFOAM

Sabalcore uses same HPC technology found in modern supercomputers including Nvidia/Mellanox® Quantum™ InfiniBand fabrics with ultra low latency and up to 200Gbps throughput between compute nodes. Sabalcore systems are “bare-metal”. Nothing is virtualized. Bare-metal provides the highest processing efficiency and scalability for your most demanding simulations. Typical cloud providers use virtual CPUs enabled by hyperthreading by default which significantly decreases performance which impacts your simulation time. Sabalcore dedicates a full CPU core for each process thread which improves simulation time and cost.

Applications which use MPI, such as OpenFOAM, rely heavily on distributing the domain process across many compute nodes in order to reduce the wall-time necessary to complete the simulation. Or to run a more fine-grained mesh for more accurate results. Therefore, the network connection between the nodes is critical to the performance, scalability, and reliability of the process. Sabalcore utilizes the Nvidia Quantum Infiniband network platform which provides the ultra-low latency, full-bandwidth, connectivity between compute nodes necessary for parallel performance.

  • Bare-metal compute nodes running Linux OS for highest available performance per CPU cycle; better than vCPUs
  • OpenFOAM pre installed, we build and isntall for you, or you install it yourself. Compilers are available for self builds and installs.
  • Bare-metal compute nodes with speeds up to 3.6Ghz and 382GB RAM
  • Scale simulations to hundreds of CPU cores. Or un multiple simulations simultaneously.
  • Up to 200Gbps NVIDA Infiniband HDR network between compute nodes. The best performance for MPI applications like OpenFOAM
  • High performance parallel file system for fast data reads and writes
  • Download data quickly with Sabalcore proprietary file transfer client – Global File transfer (GFT)
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Why use Sabalcore HPC Cloud?

Sabalcore HPC systems were specifically designed to run OpenFOAM with performance, efficiency and reliability in mind. Sabalcore compute systems, storage systems, and networks are bare-metal and operate without performance restrictions.

Start simulating quickly. Get the most out of the cloud with our bare-metal HPC Linux clusters. Simply log into the service, upload your model, select your compute resources, and run your simulations.

We take care of the system management, support, and service so you can focus on what is important to you.

Run more demanding simulations. Achieve more accurate results with finer mesh.

  • "Lightning Fast"

    Access compute resources in seconds.

    Download fast using our proprietary file transfer technology.

    High performance interconnects (NVIDIA® Mellanox® Quantum™ Infiniband) – critical for MPI based applications

    High performance parallel file system – load is distributed across numerous targets simultaneously for optimal performance.

  • Free Account, free data storage

    User accounts are free. You only pay for CPU time (core-hours) when running a job.
    Pay-per-use billing. Pay only for what you use.
    100GB of data storage free each month.

  • Turn Key

    Access compute resources in seconds.
    Software is preinstalled.
    Everything is ready to go.
    Store TBs of data long-term
    Robust scripting capabilities for automation, reporting, and more.
    Extensive batch, queue, and scripting capabilities.

  • Support

    Technical support included.
    We will install any version of OpenFOAM you require

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