Siemens Simcenter STAR-CCM+®Get more form the cloud with
Sabalcore High Performance

Run STAR-CCM+® using Sabalcore HPC in the cloud

Siemen’s Simcenter STAR-CCM+® is a multiphysics computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software that models the complexity products operating under real-world conditions. Run STAR-CCM+® in the Cloud using Sabalcore’s flexible and easy to use High Performance Computing service. Use the license you already have. We take care of everything else. Sabalcore is a Siemens PLM partner.

  • Requires no HPC expertise
  • Turn-key – start in minutes
  • Run the STAR-CCM+ GUI natively or in batch mode
  • Start and stop jobs quickly
  • Works well with your existing workflow
  • CLI (Linux/UNIX shell), remote desktop, job queues
  • Download simulation results quickly
  • Store TBs of simulation data long-term
  • Just $0.12/core-hour. Sign up today and get 1,000 free core-hours

Whether you are using Windows or Linux, customer’s can use their Power Session license or the STAR-CCM+® Power-On-Demand license to run on hundreds of processors on Sabalcore’s HPC  cloud.

Sabalcore’s ssClient with Remote Visualization and command-line interfaces allows for easy migration to the cloud. Run STAR-CCM+® using the application’s native interface (or command-line batch mode) while tapping into hundreds of processors at the same time. With features like remote visualization powered by NVIDIA GPUs, accelerated data transfer, and high-performance parallel processing, it’s like having your own workstation in the cloud.

Compare us

SabalcoreOther Clouds
License✔ Use the license you already have✘ Requires additional license credits for cloud ($)
Bare-metal Linux clusters built for large-scale CFD simulations. ✔Sabalcore uses same HPC technology found in modern supercomputers including Nvidia/Mellanox® Quantum™ Infiniband fabrics with ultra low latency and up to 200Gbps throughput between compute nodes. Scale up to 512 bare-metal CPU cores. ✘ Limited mainly to a single machine. Virtualization overhead which decreases relative performance.
Automation, batch, and job queue✔ Yes✘ No
Provisioning✔ “Instant on”. Simulation starts immediately on available assets. Simulation data is available immediately. It’s like having a cloud workstation connected to a supercomputer.✘ Data available after tear down of virtual machines
Accelerated File Transfers✔ Accelerated transfers with GFT™, proprietary to Sabalcore. Download your results fast!
Parallel file system✔ High-performance parallel file system. Data is instantly available at all times. Long-term storage included. No back-and-fourth data staging required. 100GB free each month
Predictable costs✔ Fixed core-hour rate and fixed data storage rate. ✘ virtually unpredictable

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Free Account and 1,000 free core-hours to get you started. No obligation.

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Why use Sabalcore HPC Cloud?

Sabalcore HPC systems were specifically designed to run computationally intensive numerical applications with performance, efficiency and reliability in mind. Sabalcore compute systems, storage systems, and networks are bare-metal and operate without performance restrictions.

Start simulating quickly. Get the most out of the cloud with our bare-metal HPC clusters. Simply log into the service, upload your model using the built-in transfer client, select your compute resources, and run your models.

Sabalcore is an approved Siemen’s PLM Technology Partner. We support all Siemens PLM Simcenter products.

Sabalcore has been a Siemens Solution Partner for over 12 years.

  • "Lightning Fast"

    Access compute resources in seconds.

    Download fast using our proprietary file transfer technology.

    High performance interconnects (NVIDIA® Mellanox® Quantum™ Infiniband) – critical MPI based applications

    High performance parallel file system – load is distributed across numerous targets simultaneously for optimal performance.

  • Free Account, free data storage

    User accounts are free. You only pay for CPU time (core-hours).
    Pay-per-use billing. Pay only for what you use.
    100GB of data storage free each month.

  • Turn Key

    Access compute resources in seconds.

    Everything is ready to go.

  • Support

    Store TBs of data long-term
    Robust scripting capabilities for automation, reporting, and more.
    Extensive batch, queue, and scripting capabilities.
    Technical support included.