HPC On-Demand Pricing

Included Features

  • Free Login Nodes (no charge for time on login nodes)
  • Free 100GB of Storage each month on our high-performance parallel filesystem, just $0.10/GB thereafter
  • Compute nodes with up to 8GB RAM per core and Infiniband Network included
  • Highest performing “bare-metal” cores
  • Fully managed by Sabalcore’s professionals. Everything is pre-installed and ready
  • Expert HPC Technical Support by phone, email, or web. Interactive hands-on training, custom installation of software included.
  • Free unlimited data transfer each month
  • Remote Graphics for remote visualization and remote desktop capability included.
  • Over 250 pre-installed software versions, applications, and libraries
  • Single Data Center – your data is accessible instantly across all HPC systems. This means your data is not duplicated or migrated across different data centers.

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Intel® Xeon E5-2600 Series

Up to 3.1Ghz
Bare-metal cores.




Up to 8GB per core




 Infiniband 56Gbps

Full bandwidth
(No virtual lanes)

Parallel Storage


100GB Free

40Gbps Data Network and Direct-attached Parallel File System delivers 1.5Gbps+ of I/O



ssClient™ with Remote Visualization

Data Transfer



$0.12/core-hour Included Included $0.10/GB Included Free

Sign-up and get free core-hours and 100GB of Storage Free.

Login Nodes

  • Free – there is no charge for time on the login nodes.

Reserved Cores

Reserve cores in advance for a period of time and have exclusive access to them during that time.  Contact us for more information and pricing.

Academic Rate

We work with many Universities around the world. We offer a discount for qualified students and academic departments. Contact us for more information or sign-up now at the Academic account page.

Dedicated and Hybrid HPC in the CLoud

Contract pricing for long-term Hybrid or Private HPC Services. Learn more about Hybrid and Private Solutions here.