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Reduce costs and increase productivity with Sabalcore’s High Performance Computing services. Sabalcore has developed an easy to use pay-as-you-go computing environment tailored for weather and environmental modeling.

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weather_thumb1The practical impact of weather and climate prediction on the world’s population and economy drives use of high performance computing systems. To continue advancing scientific research increased simulation accuracy remains one challenge among many. Outsourcing some or all of the high performance computing requirements to a dedicated service like Sabalcore can offer cost savings with improved production. Utilize Sabalcore’s on-demand high performance computing service for environmental and weather modeling and real-time prediction.

Sabalcore supports scientific modeling and simulation applications as part of our weather_thumb2 High Performance Computing services. Run weather models such as WRF using our customizable and easy to use production-level environment. Simply log into the service from any Windows® or Linux workstation, download your cases to your file area
(included with the service), specify the number of processor cores you want to use, and run your models. Sabalcore hosts many popular environment related time dependent,  transport and dispersion modeling applications such as COAMPS, CAMx, ADCIRC, and WRF. All are pre installed and ready to run in our turn-key environment.

weather_thumb3Easily scale to hundreds of processor cores. Run your models in a production-level environment at a lower cost than owning and managing an in-house production system.

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