Pay-Per-Use High Performance Computing

Flexible and Powerful

Sabalcore HPC Cloud is designed for Engineers, Scientists, and Researchers. Sabalcore places all aspects of high performance computing (HPC) in the user’s hands with the flexibility of CLI, graphical desktop, and point-and-click file transfer. As well as job scheduling and queuing, automation, and complex workflows. Use our services to manage quick turn-around jobs, handle out-of-the-ordinary computational projects and gain a strategic resource for all of your technical computing needs.

Streamlined Workflow

Interfacing with the Sabalcore HPC service is done through a full-featured light-weight client which runs independent of the browser. This provides a better, more efficient, user experience and streamlines work-flows. Remote desktop, command line terminal, and file transfer tools work independently and let you work more efficiently than from a browser.

  • Remote desktop and visualization powered by NVIDIA Quadro™ graphics cards
  • Native file browsing allows you to mange and transfer data seamlessly between your PC and the Sabalcore cloud.
  • Submit and monitor jobs and data in real-time
  • Collaborative:  Share screens and data with co-workers. Consolidate teams separated geographically

Persistent User Sessions

  • Persistent sessions allow you to interact instantly with service. Sessions are continuous and can be picked-up instantly after logging back in from any PC.
  • Two independent sessions can run at the same time.
  • Manage multiple projects independently from one interface
  • Share user account with co-workers


Ultra fast Data Transfer Saves Time

Our proprietary accelerated transfer allows TBs of data to be downloaded fast! No more waiting for results to download.

  • Optimized for very large data files
  • Download 100s of GBs, even TBs, much more quickly than browser based transfers
  • Auto resume partial transfers
  • User defined target transfer speed

High Performance Computing Network and Storage

Efficient high-performance computing systems require high-bandwidth, low-latency connections, both between multi-processor nodes and to high-speed parallel storage systems. Sabalcore compute clusters and storage systems employ direct-attached Mellanox® Infinband networks for ultra low latency, high-bandwidth, high message rate, and transport offload for reliable data communication between compute nodes and storage servers. Because the network is “direct-attached” your stored data is instantly accessible to all compute systems.


High Performance Computing with Bare-Metal CPUs

This is a significant distinction between Sabalcore and commodity clouds with “virtual” cores. Our service provides physical “bare-metal” cores and networks for optimal performance for your application. In commodity clouds, two virtual CPUs, or “vCPUs” share one physical core. In affect, you pay more for vCPUs (in both cost and time) than bare-metal. Bare-metal is always faster than virtual. Get bare-metal performance at Sabalcore, not virtual performance




Fully Managed Environment

We take care of everything so you can focus on the work at hand. Our service is fully managed and technical support is included. We have over 500 pre-installed and optimized software packages and libraries ready to use.

If your software is not on the list, we will install it for you. For those power-user customers who wish to compile their own codes, a complete suite of updated open-source software libraries and compilers are available. Contact us for more details.



Single Origin

Complete confidentiality – we own and manage our servers and networks and host them in our datacenter. Your application and its data lives securely in our facility. It is important to know where and who is responsible for your data. Unlike some HPC services which are built upon virtual cloud platforms such as Amazon, Google Cloud, or even time-shared university computing centers, Sabalcore owns all servers and networks so you know exactly where and who manages your data.


Security is our priority. We’ve taken numerous important steps to insure your data is protected. Here is an overview of some of our security policies and standards.

  • Multiple Authentication Options – Our login client supports Single Sign On (SSO), Public-Private key pair, and dual factor authentication
  • Encryption – all data at transfer is encrypted with 256-bit AES. Data encryption tools provide users the ability manage their own encryption keys and encryption policies without having to settle for system managed encryption keys.
  • Data Center Security – Sabalcore operates in a SSAE-16 SOC 2 Type 1 Certified, ISAE 3402, HIPAA, and PCI compliant data center.
  • Single Origin – Sabalcore owns and operates all servers, networks, compute nodes, and storage systems. Only authorized Sabalcore employees have access to these systems.
  • Strict internal security policies required for NIST SP 800-171, ITAR, and other standards
  • Sabalcore is ITAR compliant and registered with the U.S. Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC)

Sabalcore HPC Pay-per-use Advantages

  • Pay only for compute time. Charged by the core-hour and rounded to the nearest second.
  • Faster time to Start. Our “turn-key” service means less time learning and more time running.
  • Single origin HPC Cloud. We own all servers and networks so you know exactly where and who manages your data.
  • Complete control and direct access to your files at all times.
  • Run any compatible Software from our library of pre-installed  packages, have us install one for you, or install and run your own.


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